Want to join our leader's

All our Leaders are all Trained through The Barak Centre

Barak Centre

We come from a wide range of professional and spiritual backgrounds. We are passionate about "being the change you want to see in the world". ​ Through the Barak Community, and our relationships trusted friends, we hope you will find what you need to navigate your way to the calling you must serve. 

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What does it mean to be an active member of Barak?

Barak is a community of Christian activists.
At Barak, you will find content to challenge you, Train you, Support you and walk with you while developing your skills to Lead a Fringe Church.

You will find yourself with access to teaching guides and many courses to not only develop yourself but to offer through your Church developing a strong community that will support each other.  for a small monthly fee you will always have someone in your corner to help.

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