We come to Church not to hide our problems but to heal them.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf 


On The Fringe


Given that we are a community of sometimes criminals, the mentally ill, domestic violence perpetrators, drug users and parolees, we have an 18+ rule.

There are a vast number of single parents and other families who really want to be part of what we do - so we are now looking at how to start more "family-friendly" fringe cells.

Our policy is that we “DO NOTHING” for people.
We don’t do anger management, relationship training or drug rehabilitation, food hampers, emergency accommodation, or counselling.

We help people find themselves in Christ, we wait for them to become brothers and sisters with us – and then join in the effort to hold each other accountable while walking with Jesus.

We believe repentance involves practical action – and accepting the consequences for our actions which can regularly involve the law.

We have supported many people in court while they face up to the realities of their actions.
We also co-operate with government-funded services that are readily available.
Our conversations tend to be direct, strong and very personal.
We have rich contact with a couple of people who identify as LGBTQIA, and small exposure to Aboriginal culture.
Our Facebook community is growing - and several people stay in touch with live feeds.
The worship centres on Holy Communion. We call ourselves a community rather than a church (despite our name).
We don’t sing, we pray with passion, and Jesus attends. Loving it! Our community has simple rules.
We are interested in building the future – we endeavour to imitate Paul; “Forgetting that which lies behind – I strive forward…”
If you are 18+ you are welcome to become part of our family!

Everyone is welcome, church meeting with a difference

Where we strive to live out our Creed in all we do.

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